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Overseas Adoption Process

A New Process for Overseas Adoption: Launch of Intercountry Regional Adoption Agency

IAC – The Centre for Adoption announces the launch of a regional adoption agency for intercountry adoption as of November 1st, 2017.

In December 2016, as part of the Government agenda to bring together Local Authorities and Voluntary Adoption Agencies into Regional Adoption Agencies, IAC was awarded a grant to lead the development of a regional agency for intercountry adoption. IAC has therefore partnered with three Voluntary Adoption Agencies in England; Adoption Matters and Nugent Adoption in the north west of England and ARC Adoption NE in the north east of England, in order to offer a comprehensive service to regions across England. This includes work connected with children entering the country from overseas, as well as looked after children in England moving to family carers overseas.

Within the new ICA RAA, IAC – The Centre for Adoption will be the lead agency, working alongside the partner agencies who will deliver locally based services. Core services such as Advice and Information, Preparation  Groups and Support Workshops will all be undertaken at IAC – The Centre for Adoption who will act as the hub for enquiries and adoption applications, whilst the partner agencies will undertake the Stage Two assessment locally and the work with, and support for, the prospective adopter(s) after the child is matched.

This is an exciting opportunity for key intercountry adoption agencies to work together to continue to improve standards for both children and families in this specialist area of work.

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