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The Children

Children who need adopting have usually lived with their birth family and due to reasons of neglect, abuse or poor parenting have been removed. These children will have likely suffered some form of emotional harm and therefore will need loving, caring and sensitive parents.

A family who can accept and understand their backgrounds and the support they may need to help them grow into secure and stable adults.

We place children from all over England, Wales and Scotland with our adopters. Below are a few examples of the types of children who are looking for their forever family.

Jack and Harry*

Jack and Harry are six and four and are looking for that special family to grow up with.

“I love Harry and we want to stay together. We want a happy family who love to play and watch movies. We would like new parents who are kind and like doing fun things.”


Barnaby is six years old and has spent a lot of time in foster care. He is desperate for a new Dad and a life full of happiness.

“I love to play outdoors and learn about camping and I am in the Beavers. My favourite toy is my teddy dog ‘Woof’. I still like to cuddle him before I go to sleep.”


Jodie is four years old and has Down’s Syndrome, giving her difficulties in early life but she is now reaching her milestones.

“I love to have my hair combed and put into lots of styles. I like to play ‘dress up’ and my favourite costume is anything princess. I would love a family.”

*Not real name


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