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What skills do I need to adopt?

Many children who need adoptive families have experienced some degree of neglect, and/or physical, emotional or sexual abuse in their early lives, but whatever their circumstances, all of these children will have experienced the loss and grief of being separated from their birth families. Their past experiences will affect their behaviour and development in a variety of ways.  For example, some children will express their feelings through challenging behaviours such as tantrums and aggression, or show quite the opposite and be very withdrawn.

These children need lots of extra attention and the love and stability of a new family, in many cases, is all that is needed to help these children thrive and reach their greatest potential. However, some may need extra support in the form of specialist therapies to help them come to terms with their past.

At Nugent Adoption we are looking for people with all sorts of skills to adopt all sorts of children. These could include:

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