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What is Panel?

If you’ve been looking into adoption, you may have come across the term ‘Panel’ and wondered what it meant?

It is part of the process of the adoption journey. After an adoption assessment is complete, the assessment report goes to a Panel for review. The Panel will decide if the potential adopters are the right match for a child and vice versa.

Our adoption panel is made up of various individuals, each with their own unique experiences. Each Panel member has their own experience and links to adoption, as well as Nugent’s Medical Advisor, who reviews our prospective adopters’ medical reports.

Ashley Dolan, one of our dedicated social workers, spoke with a couple of our panel members to find out about the skills and experience they offer to our Adoption Panel.

Louise Seresini

What is your background?
I was a social worker for Liverpool City Council until I became a mum myself. Being on Panel keeps me connected to my role as a social worker. My husband was adopted so I have first-hand experience of adoption and the positive impacts it can have.

What is your favourite thing about being on the Panel for Nugent Adoption?
I love to get to know the adopters and everyone you meet is unique in their circumstances and experiences and what they can offer a child. Adoption is so special for everyone involved and being a part of that journey is very special to me. I used to work on an adoption team for Liverpool City Council so being on Nugent’s Panel keeps me connected to my previous work. I will always feel a special connection with adoption.

louise seresini

Tony Connor

What is your background?
I am now retired but I worked for 16 years for Nugent. I also have experience on a Community Mental Health Team. I worked in residential settings and for the NSPCC.
I joined Nugent’s Adoption Panel 8 years ago.

What are your favourite things about Nugent’s Panel?
I love being on Panel and even after I retired from Nugent I wanted to stay on it. I love reading about prospective adopters’ experiences and how these experiences relate to what they can offer a child. My involvements with Panel have always been very positive and every adopter has something great to offer a child. I love reading the Prospective Adopters Reports and find them very interesting.

tony connor
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Nugent Adoption is a registered and approved Voluntary Adoption Agency located in the North West of England. Nugent became a Registered Adoption Agency in 1943; therefore we have been involved in placing children for adoption for 80 years.

We provide a welcoming team of professional and dedicated social work staff who are experienced in all areas of adoption. Our aim is to increase the opportunities for children who have experienced a difficult start, to enjoy a positive, safe and secure family life.

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