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Supporting you

At Nugent Adoption, we understand how challenging the adoption process can be and believe it is important for people to feel supported from the very first time they have contact with us. We also know that adopted children’s needs change as they grow and develop and that sometimes difficulties may arise after a period of time, for example in adolescence. Therefore, Nugent Adoption will always be there for you and your family in the future, so you can rely on advice, support or perhaps just a listening ear. We will support you at every stage of the adoption process for as long as you need us.

Each individual adopted child and family will need different types of adoption support at different times; some support services are specialist to adoption, whilst sometimes adopters will be helped to access a universal service.

Adoption support may include such things as:

  • Training; to increase your understanding and help you meet the needs of your adopted child

  • Information, leaflets and help-lines

  • Mentoring

  • Support Groups, newsletters, annual events

  • Advice about behaviour management

  • Assisting you to access therapeutic support if needed

  • Assistance with accessing the Adoption Support Fund

  • Help and support to talk to your child with confidence about his or her life history and adoption

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Nugent Adoption works with all Local Authorities across England, Wales and Scotland. The Local Authority that places your child with you has a duty to assess your family for post adoption support if requested, for a period of up to 3 years after the final adoption order is made in court. After 3 years the local authority where you live will take over this responsibility.

At Nugent Adoption we provide lifelong support as required, for all those who have adopted through us.


Tom and Amy

Tom and Amy, adoptive parents of three daughters aged 2, 3 and 5 years old.

Tom and Amy

Our story

Nugent Adoption is a registered and approved Voluntary Adoption Agency located in the North West of England. Nugent became a Registered Adoption Agency in 1943; therefore we have been involved in placing children for adoption for 80 years.

We provide a welcoming team of professional and dedicated social work staff who are experienced in all areas of adoption. Our aim is to increase the opportunities for children who have experienced a difficult start, to enjoy a positive, safe and secure family life.

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