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Our approach

Nugent Adoption believes that all children should have the right to family life and that they should be brought up in families that can provide stable, loving care, guidance and a sense of self-worth, identity and belonging. There are some children who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to live with their birth families and need alternative permanent families.

Nugent Adoption seeks to recruit prospective adoptive parents to meet the needs of children requiring adoptive placements. Although prospective adoptive parents may contact us in response to an advertising campaign, we also receive direct enquiries from people who have heard of us and of our excellent reputation!

Meeting the needs of the children is our biggest priority. They will have a range of needs depending on their individual circumstances but these can include:

  • Children with a learning disability or physical disability

  • Brothers and sisters who need to stay together

  • Children whose development might have been delayed

  • Children for whom their future development is uncertain

  • Older children

  • Children where there is a parental history of substance misuse

  • Children where there is some family history of mental health problems

  • Children who have been waiting too long for permanence

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what is a voluntary
adoption agency?

Voluntary adoption agencies collaborate to highlight choices for prospective adoptive parents.

Independent adoption agencies from across the UK have joined forces to highlight the choices available to people considering becoming a parent through adoption.

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Your journey

Nugent Adoption welcomes enquiries from individuals and couples from all walks of life regardless of marital or employment status, religion or ethnic background, whether you have a disability, are a homeowner or living in rented accommodation, have no children or are proven parents.

Most importantly you must be able to offer a secure, loving and nurturing home environment to a child or children who have had a difficult start in life.

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Tom and Amy

Tom and Amy, adoptive parents of three daughters aged 2, 3 and 5 years old.

Tom and Amy

Our story

Nugent Adoption is a registered and approved Voluntary Adoption Agency located in the North West of England. Nugent became a Registered Adoption Agency in 1943; therefore we have been involved in placing children for adoption for 80 years.

We provide a welcoming team of professional and dedicated social work staff who are experienced in all areas of adoption. Our aim is to increase the opportunities for children who have experienced a difficult start, to enjoy a positive, safe and secure family life.

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